Saturday, February 21, 2009

Commitment Cafe!!!

Welcome to the Commitment Cafe!!!

Tell us about something you are committing to this week, no matter how small. Maybe you plan on drinking those 8 glass of water a day..., or you are finally committing to confronting a situation that has been bothering you for sometime. Maybe you have a project you've been putting off that you plan to tackle this week. It doesn't matter what it is....the important thing is that you made the commitment. Sometimes sharing your intentions or commitments leads to increased accountability.

Once you've honored your commitment and completed the intended taske, post your success tory to let us know that you kept your word. I will then share those success stories with the listeners on the air, with hopes of inspiring and empowering others.

We want to hear about it...and give you the KUDOS you deserve!!

What are you willing to do today, to make a difference in your life tomorrow????

Do share.....

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